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Tips to Achieve a Neat Garden

If you’re not happy with how your garden is looking, today is the perfect time to bring it into shape. And to give you a helping hand, below are seven simple tips which if followed will help your garden blossom.

The Grass Could be Greener:

The lawn is often the focal point of any garden, but there’s a good chance at the moment it could be looking a little worse for wear. Spruce yours up by:

  • Regularly mowing. With summer (officially) here, you should have cut your grass a few times by now. But to help get it looking its best, it’s recommended you cut it little and often. Ideally, your lawnmower’s blade should be set to 2cm (until autumn) and you should be cutting your lawn on a weekly basis.
  • Feeding your lawn. To help promote healthy growth, your lawn needs to be fed with a dedicated lawn feed which includes a moss and weed killer – as this will keep unwanted weeds from sprouting in your lawn, whilst helping your lawn grow.
  • Water regularly. During hot spells your lawn should be watered first thing in the morning and last thing at night, helping to ensure it remains hydrated. A quick sprinkling of water as you water your flowerbeds can make all the difference to healthy growth of your lawn.

Add Colour:

Flowerbeds are the best way to introduce walls of colour and scents into your garden, whilst also encouraging wildlife to visit. Make the most out of your flowerbeds, by…

  • Weeding your flowerbeds. If weeds are left to grow in your flowerbeds, they can suffocate other plants – preventing a wall of colour blossoming. Ideally, once you’ve weeded you should provide your flowerbeds with a three inch layer of compost as this will not only help make your garden look neat, but it’ll also help improve the soil for your plants.
  • Provide a neat wall of colour at the front of your flowerbeds with low-spreading annual or perennial flowers, which will define the edges and set off any taller plants behind them.

Add Finishing Touches:

  • Bring your patios, pathways and decking back to their former glory by vigorously sweeping away any debris which is littering them before giving them a blast with a pressure washer to remove any remaining dirt.
  • Water features can bring a new dimension to your garden, and if you have one currently you’ll need to give it some TLC too. This includes removing any debris and algae and ensuring the water is fresh enough to encourage wildlife.

Each of these tips will help you tidy your garden, ready for the hard work to begin and ensuring this summer you’re greeted with a wall of colour and scents throughout your garden.