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Sunflowers belong to Asteraceae family and Annuus species. The flower is botanically referred to as Helianthus, which is a combination of two Greek words, helios and anthos, literally combining to form the word – “Sun-flower”. Its resemblance to the sun has also contributed to its name.

Sunflowers were originally grown by Native Americans for food. Since Americas was its original habitat, sunflower needs dry and hot conditions to properly bloom. But, now they are grown the world over. They require moist and fertile soil with heavy manure to grow properly. They also need good exposure to sun and this is the reason why their best season of growth is summer. In addition, growing them in clusters is generally preferred, as this allows the roots to remain moist and cool for a longer period. Sunflower clusters can also withstand winds.

Sunflowers comprise a relatively larger flower head and central part that contains small florets, which grow into seeds at a later time in their growth cycle. The flower head can reach up to a meter in diameter and typically contains yellow flowers. It has large leaves with rough edges, while the stem is hairy and coarse.

Sunflowers have food, medicinal and many general uses, but their use in weddings is something that needs discussing. These flowers are typical flowers needed for a wedding as they provide brightness and brilliance to the special occasion. The cheerfulness and glow of yellow petals with the dramatic touch of the dark central part throws in a splendid contrast. They are perfect for a celebration planned in the countryside and can even be combined with other flowers to bring a more formal look to the occasion. While using these flowers in any arrangement, it is vital not to use them in excess. The right amount of these flowers would leave the right impact. Try and restrain yourself from going overboard. Sunflowers are at their peak from July through to September, so try and plan your wedding in this period. Here are some ways you can use this flower in your wedding.

  • An all sunflower bride’s bouquet looks really elegant with a bit of greenery. You can use a combination of sunflowers and some blue flowers to add a rustic touch to the bouquet.
  • A romantic ceremony arch made from a combination of sunflowers and eucalyptus would create a great backdrop for exchanging wedding vows.
  • A centerpiece with just yellow sunflowers with a few blue flowers or a mixed bloom centerpiece arrangement with sunflowers would be a great pick.