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Gardening In the Shade

Shade loving plants are great at pleasing you with beautiful flowers year in and out. Just plant and water them, these plants won’t mind if you keep them in the shade.

  • Lily of the valley

The sweet and mild smell of the lily of the valley is famous now thanks to countless poems. If you thought it was an exotic and hard to grow plant you need to give it a try right away. The lily of valley grows really well in shady areas too. You will be pleased with a sweet offering of white flowers every spring and summer – without actually doing much to support it.

  • Star-shaped amethyst

Cute blur hued star shaped amethysts grow very nicely even in place where the sun doesn’t shine as nice and bright. Even warm shades are good enough for amethysts to stay nice and healthy. The flowers are a beautiful mix of violet and white and grow to be about a foot or two in height which is just perfect to display in balmy shades indoors.

  • Copper plants

All of the shrubs we have mentioned thus far aren’t evergreens. This one is. Copper plants will stay nice leafy with hues of orange throughput the plant and if you place it in Outdoor planters in shaded areas you will never be bored with concrete. It is advised that in winters you should replace the outdoor planter pots with an indoor pot or just move the outdoor pot inside. Copper plants can’t tolerate cold temperatures.

  • Creeping jenny

Perennials are plants which grow in a particular season in a year and then die only to regrow the next year. This is why these plants are called perennials. Some perennials exhibit different behaviour in non-native conditions. In normal condition the plant keeps shooting new stems from its roots, but under non-native conditions you may have to plant it every year like an annual plant.