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Sunflowers belong to Asteraceae family and Annuus species. The flower is botanically referred to as Helianthus, which is a combination of two Greek words, helios and anthos, literally combining to form the word – “Sun-flower”. Its resemblance to the sun has also contributed to its name.

Sunflowers were originally grown by Native Americans for food. Since Americas was its original habitat, sunflower needs dry and hot conditions to properly bloom. But, now they are grown the world over. They require moist and fertile soil with heavy manure to grow properly. They also need good exposure to sun and this is the reason why their best season of growth is summer. In addition, growing them in clusters is generally preferred, as this allows the roots to remain moist and cool for a longer period. Sunflower clusters can also withstand winds.

Sunflowers comprise a relatively larger flower head and central part that contains small florets, which grow into seeds at a later time in their growth cycle. The flower head can reach up to a meter in diameter and typically contains yellow flowers. It has large leaves with rough edges, while the stem is hairy and coarse.

Sunflowers have food, medicinal and many general uses, but their use in weddings is something that needs discussing. These flowers are typical flowers needed for a wedding as they provide brightness and brilliance to the special occasion. The cheerfulness and glow of yellow petals with the dramatic touch of the dark central part throws in a splendid contrast. They are perfect for a celebration planned in the countryside and can even be combined with other flowers to bring a more formal look to the occasion. While using these flowers in any arrangement, it is vital not to use them in excess. The right amount of these flowers would leave the right impact. Try and restrain yourself from going overboard. Sunflowers are at their peak from July through to September, so try and plan your wedding in this period. Here are some ways you can use this flower in your wedding.

  • An all sunflower bride’s bouquet looks really elegant with a bit of greenery. You can use a combination of sunflowers and some blue flowers to add a rustic touch to the bouquet.
  • A romantic ceremony arch made from a combination of sunflowers and eucalyptus would create a great backdrop for exchanging wedding vows.
  • A centerpiece with just yellow sunflowers with a few blue flowers or a mixed bloom centerpiece arrangement with sunflowers would be a great pick.

Tips to Achieve a Neat Garden

If you’re not happy with how your garden is looking, today is the perfect time to bring it into shape. And to give you a helping hand, below are seven simple tips which if followed will help your garden blossom.

The Grass Could be Greener:

The lawn is often the focal point of any garden, but there’s a good chance at the moment it could be looking a little worse for wear. Spruce yours up by:

  • Regularly mowing. With summer (officially) here, you should have cut your grass a few times by now. But to help get it looking its best, it’s recommended you cut it little and often. Ideally, your lawnmower’s blade should be set to 2cm (until autumn) and you should be cutting your lawn on a weekly basis.
  • Feeding your lawn. To help promote healthy growth, your lawn needs to be fed with a dedicated lawn feed which includes a moss and weed killer – as this will keep unwanted weeds from sprouting in your lawn, whilst helping your lawn grow.
  • Water regularly. During hot spells your lawn should be watered first thing in the morning and last thing at night, helping to ensure it remains hydrated. A quick sprinkling of water as you water your flowerbeds can make all the difference to healthy growth of your lawn.

Add Colour:

Flowerbeds are the best way to introduce walls of colour and scents into your garden, whilst also encouraging wildlife to visit. Make the most out of your flowerbeds, by…

  • Weeding your flowerbeds. If weeds are left to grow in your flowerbeds, they can suffocate other plants – preventing a wall of colour blossoming. Ideally, once you’ve weeded you should provide your flowerbeds with a three inch layer of compost as this will not only help make your garden look neat, but it’ll also help improve the soil for your plants.
  • Provide a neat wall of colour at the front of your flowerbeds with low-spreading annual or perennial flowers, which will define the edges and set off any taller plants behind them.

Add Finishing Touches:

  • Bring your patios, pathways and decking back to their former glory by vigorously sweeping away any debris which is littering them before giving them a blast with a pressure washer to remove any remaining dirt.
  • Water features can bring a new dimension to your garden, and if you have one currently you’ll need to give it some TLC too. This includes removing any debris and algae and ensuring the water is fresh enough to encourage wildlife.

Each of these tips will help you tidy your garden, ready for the hard work to begin and ensuring this summer you’re greeted with a wall of colour and scents throughout your garden.

Tips to get a Garden in Balcony

Why Balcony Gardening Is Difficult?

The biggest problem with balcony gardening is the absence of soil. There isn’t enough sun light, or perhaps excess sun. Then you have to figure out how to water your garden and finally there are kids pets to worry about. Once you have figured these points out it’s all about getting the following simple points right.

Setting up focal points in your garden

No garden, no matter how big or small is going to need a focal point. Some use evergreens to create focal points, other make use of size to create an aesthetic contrast in the garden, while some others explore pops of colour to create that effect. Find out what works best for you and create a focal point you like.

Find good container plants

Container plants don’t need a lot of space to grow – which makes them perfect for a balcony garden. Search for container plants and buy those online or you can approach your local nursery for seeds & saplings. This is also where you will find all the necessary instructions on growing them back home.

Get Good Designer Planters

The charm of your balcony garden will truly pop only when you use Designer planters. Finding illuminated planters isn’t that difficult. Tons of online sellers sell them and they will even ship it for an additional charge. This is where all the magic is. The exoticism of your balcony garden won’t be very evident unless you get premium Designer planters.

Protecting against elements

Protect your balcony plants against the onslaught of nature. Too much heat or rains will cause your plants to wither and die. Whenever you observe too much heat or rains, take a hint and bring your plants indoors to prevent serious damage.

Gardening In the Shade

Shade loving plants are great at pleasing you with beautiful flowers year in and out. Just plant and water them, these plants won’t mind if you keep them in the shade.

  • Lily of the valley

The sweet and mild smell of the lily of the valley is famous now thanks to countless poems. If you thought it was an exotic and hard to grow plant you need to give it a try right away. The lily of valley grows really well in shady areas too. You will be pleased with a sweet offering of white flowers every spring and summer – without actually doing much to support it.

  • Star-shaped amethyst

Cute blur hued star shaped amethysts grow very nicely even in place where the sun doesn’t shine as nice and bright. Even warm shades are good enough for amethysts to stay nice and healthy. The flowers are a beautiful mix of violet and white and grow to be about a foot or two in height which is just perfect to display in balmy shades indoors.

  • Copper plants

All of the shrubs we have mentioned thus far aren’t evergreens. This one is. Copper plants will stay nice leafy with hues of orange throughput the plant and if you place it in Outdoor planters in shaded areas you will never be bored with concrete. It is advised that in winters you should replace the outdoor planter pots with an indoor pot or just move the outdoor pot inside. Copper plants can’t tolerate cold temperatures.

  • Creeping jenny

Perennials are plants which grow in a particular season in a year and then die only to regrow the next year. This is why these plants are called perennials. Some perennials exhibit different behaviour in non-native conditions. In normal condition the plant keeps shooting new stems from its roots, but under non-native conditions you may have to plant it every year like an annual plant.

Advantages of a Hydroponic Grow Box

The Hydroponic grow boxes have several advantages to itself. They are –

  • Non messy – Unlike planting a sapling on soil, the planting of a sapling in a hydroponic box is clean and non messy where one doesn’t have to soil their hands with mud and dirt and accordingly plant their desired plant with ease.
  • Functional in all weather conditions – Despite the changes in the weather outdoors, a hydroponic grow box can be used as and when one intends to whether it is hot or freezing cold outside. It doesn’t have any effect on the growth of the plant as the box is equipped with functionalities that aid to a normal growth of a plant.
  • Multifunctional – A hydroponic grow box is generally multifunctional as when kept indoors in a house, it acts as a piece of attraction as well as a box to grow plants in them.
  • Untouched by pests – Since the hydroponic grow box is safely secured with glass walls and fitted in a box, there are no chances of pests attacking them and also since there is no presence of soil in the box, there are no chances of soil borne insects destroying the plant.

If used commercially, a hydroponic grow box gives better productivity as the roots are constantly taken care of by supplying the necessary nutrients from time to time. There are chances of the plants getting lesser amount of carbon dioxide while indoors but there is always a provision to supply external carbon dioxide to the plant that initiates the plants growth.

Hydroponic System for Indoor Gardening

Gardening at home is something that is performed as a hobby where people like to beautify their garden with flowers and other plants. With the shortage of open spaces in urban areas, people have opted for an alternative to performing gardening indoors. The rise in demand for hydroponic systems has led people to pursue their hobby in the comforts of their home without having to go outside. It is manufactured keeping in mind the need for growing plants and vegetables within the environment indoors and not getting access to anything direct from nature. Before taking the plunge into fixing a grow box at home, there are a few basics that people should know.

  • Meaning of Hydroponics – Indoor gardening comprises of growing plants with the use of water, nutrition and necessary lighting. It is the artificial alternative to growing plants outdoors without the use of soil. Since the plants are grown in an artificial environment, all the necessary care needs to be taken to place the seeds, provide necessary nutrients with the water as well as providing adequate light and ventilation to keep the plant nourished and allowing it to grow. The light fitted in the system is a substitute for sunlight and thus should have adequate power to provide the right nourishment.
  • The operating procedure for hydroponic system – For those grow boxes kept at home; there is an area below the seed placing area which should be frequently replenished with water rich in nutrients to enhance the growth of the seeds. While the seeds have matured into saplings, there is a need to provide ventilation as well as light that would let the plant grow naturally. The plants growing in the grow box should regularly be cleaned in order not to let dust and dirt gather on it. This enhances the growth of the plant and thus making it gain an almost natural environment as that of outdoors.
  • Choosing the right lighting system – As sunlight has the necessary power to nurture a plant; there should be artificial lighting that can closely represent the sun. Any random light cannot serve the purpose and thus specialized stores can help people to end their quest for a lighting services that can enhance the growth of a plant in the grow box.
  • Purchasing them from authorized retailers and manufacturers – For those who intend to have a professionally created hydroponic system in their house, one should purchase them from designated retailers who manufacture them with the best techniques letting people have the best outdoor gardening experience.

Garden Gnomes

Wind chimes give our yards and gardens a special ambiance with the wonderful sounds they make whether it is a soft tinkling of inexpensive chimes or the deep soothing musical tones of the big beautiful ones. What better to accompany those great sound makers in your garden than a cute whimsical garden gnome.

Garden gnomes have been around much longer than you probably think. The tradition has been around since the early 1800’s with Germany being the first to produce them in factories there and the gnomes were made of clay. However, they actually became popular in the 1840’s after folks in England started adding them to their gardens. The first garden-gnomes that were mass-produced came from Germany in the 1870’s. With the onset of the world wars, production of the garden gnomes soon came to a halt. The gnomes we know today, many made of plastic began making their appearance in the 1960’s. The gnomes are whimsical and cartoonish, but not necessarily to everyone’s taste. There is only a few manufacturers that make gnomes of clay and resin, and are finished by hand and not mass produced. The die hard gnome fanciers seek out these gnomes for their gardens. Gnomes come in a variety of poses and sizes.

Known as symbols of good luck, gnomes were also thought to provide protection over things like buried treasure. Even today they are placed in fields to watch over crops. Some were even placed in the rafters of barns to watch over livestock. Of course they are also most popular for placing in the garden. The farmers that placed gnomes in fields also believed that their good luck charm would ensure a greater yield of crops while protecting them from pests and other problems. Some even thought that the gnomes would help the gardeners through the night.

The word “gnome” is thought to be Latin for “earth dweller”. They were often referred to in German fairy tales. Similar creatures were found in folklore across the world, and were known by different names, such as the Hob in England.

Although gnomes weren’t really described very well in any of the stories, one thing is common throughout the world when it comes to their general look. Most are wearing simple clothing and a red hat and usually have a long white beard. The lady gnomes which aren’t that commonly seen in gardens, tend to be dressed in a simple dress and they have long hair also topped with a red hat. Is anyone else thinking that gnomes sound a lot like Smurfs?

Garden gnomes can be found these days in so many different configurations. Some may be holding a keg of beer, others snooze lazily in a hammock while yet others provide a source of solar lighting while mooning visitors to the garden.

Gnomes don’t always end up staying put in the garden where they are placed. Some have become the victims of a prank kidnapping. Photos of the kidnapped gnome is taken to show the adventures and travels of the little bearded guy, travels to some places that I’m sure most of us would envy.

Fence Screening Design for Garden

Wood fences are built for protecting your property and there are a wide range of wood fence outlines. A pleasant fence can not just keep pets and youngsters in your yard, and other people out, however they can likewise be a delightful method for stamping property lines while bearing security from the neighbors. Fencing can be brightening or only there to delineate a limit and if the fence is made of wood it will bear the cost of some protection. Numerous appealing fence outline choices are accessible.

With strong and clean lines, stockade wood fences give a visual boundary. You could utilize it in the event that you needed to fence in a trash stockpiling range or whatever else which you would prefer not to be noticeable. Pre-gathered stockade fence boards are effortlessly possible, making establishment quick, simple, and temperate. These boards are anything but difficult to chop down in size to fit your prerequisites. This is practical for fence screening your garden.

Grid fencing can be helpful for light screening, especially in the event that it is utilized as a background for climbing plants and it is useful for halfway security. An appealing alternative is to have a strong base with a cross section work top. This is normally a worthy ‘decent neighbor’ choice as you both have security, you are not taking all the daylight and you can in any case talk over the top!

Split-rail wood fences are a valuable fence style for characterizing limits and for stallion fencing and fencing in domesticated animals. They will probably be figured out of town and look great with provincial farm style houses. They for the most part have unpleasant and rough posts and rails and as all the post and rails are marginally distinctive fit as a fiddle this sort of fence is constantly one of a kind. They are not simple to introduce, albeit every post has pre-bored openings for the level rails to fit into and the rails are decreased on every end to fit these gaps.

Picket-style fence screening appears a characteristic fit for house style homes and “English” nation gardens. A picket fence is a fence made with upright stakes, or pickets which are joined with even backings. This kind of fence tends not to be high, and is planned essentially to be a decorative limit. Numerous varieties are accessible relying upon your decision yet the exemplary picket fence is produced using pointed stakes of an even stature which are then painted white. Pre-assembled fencing segments are likewise accessible which makes it simpler to introduce.

Advantages Of Growing Plants Indoors

Indoor gardening has been in demand for those who have widely spread living space and can accommodate plants to grow indoors. People can grow plants indoors in their rooms or can place them in open terraces. Indoor gardening has several benefits to its name where a few are listed below.

  • All year growth – Irrespective of the weather conditions outdoors, people can always grow plants, flowers and vegetable indoors by taking necessary care. By creating a natural environment, one can grow all that they feel like while indoors.
  • Chemical free plants – While the vegetables and herbs that grow outdoors face the brutality of the harmful chemicals and fertilizers, one can provide natural fertilizers to the plants to nurture its growth and thus availing fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables without letting it cause any harm to the body.
  • Pest free gardening – When plants grow outdoors, it often gets attacked by insects, pests, rodents, etc. that damage and destroy the plants. While a plant grows indoors, there are lesser chances of pests attacking it, and thus there is no need of using pesticides to destroy them.
  • Attractive interiors – Apart from the varied pieces of art that adorn the walls, a plant can also add to the beauty of the room. A flowering plant with colored flowers can beautify the area and make one feel lively every time one sees it.
  • Leisure activity – While opting for indoor gardening, people can spend their leisure time being involved in taking care of the plants and nurturing them. One needs to water them well and make sure it gets sufficient light. One can get rid of boredom that is common in most urban areas where people like to stay indoors and not get involved in the hustle and bustle.
  • Healthy bodies – As plants are known to give out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide; it is always great to have them around indoors when they balance the air and thus letting people live a healthy life.
  • Saves up on finances – When people tend to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs at home, they save up on finances where they do not have to visit the markets to aid their supply of fruits and vegetables.

The Benefits of Bach Flowers

Bach Flower against mood swings

Everyone is meant to experience periods of happiness, sadness, excitement or mild depression. But for some people, the mood swings are legion and extend well beyond the normal, becoming episodes of mania and depression. People with the disease can quickly move from a state of euphoria that of intense sadness. Uncontrollable, these mood swings are fast becoming unbearable and lead to inadequate behaviors, such as compulsive shopping.

People who suffer need to approach a psychotherapist, but the Bach flowers are a natural treatment for this problem. They are known to help and to regain a sense of reality and to reduce the feelings of depression.

Bach Flower against overwork:

The world of work is becoming harder, and many people recognize undergo constant pressure. Sometimes, they can have a profound impact on the well-being and lead to overwork, also called burnout . Those who suffer often they feel suffocated all the day and they feel that they can not think of anything but their workload. This causes adverse effects on health and personal life.

I’ts often necessary To escape, the work stoppage.To have sick leave days are essential to recharge the batteries and to feel well, but proved inadequate to address the real causes of the problem and prevent relapses. The cognitive behavioral therapy is the most commonly used treatment that can help us, but other natural approaches such as the use of Bach flowers can be considered also useful . This flower can help overcome negative states of mind and reintroduce vitality in the life of the individual and to improve the concentration.

Bach Flower against anxiety attacks:

In general the anxiety attacks occur abruptly. Conventionally, the sufferer of this kind of attacks will experience intense fear (fear of death, fear of becoming crazy), and that involved a feeling of immediate danger and unpleasant physical sensations for instance palpitation, sweating, tremors, chest pain, etc . The physical symptoms that accompany these anxiety attacks are more or less spectacular and fueling the fear felt by the person who feels totally to loose the control.

To remedy these painful anxiety disorders, in general psychotherapy shows very effective. It is even the preferred treatment in many cases, before having to resort to drugs. It can be enhanced by treatment with Bach flowers. Some are particularly known for helping to overcome the fears and reduce stress.

Bach Flowers to stop smoking:

Everyone is now convinced of the many dangers of smoking, but the fact remains that the number of smokers dont decrease. Who is guilty? Maybe the nicotine, the addictive substance, the psychological dependence.

Smoking day after day and for this reason the cigarette is automatically linked to a range of other activities: when we are pressed, we take a break at work, at the end of a meal or when we drink a alcoholic beverage.

Cessation of the smoking requires a lot of strength and perseverance. The Bach Flowers can help us to remain calm in difficult times and be more relaxed.

Bach Flower to become more sociable:

While a person would be delighted to share his feelings with a stranger, another may struggle with herself just to say hello to an acquaintance. The virtue of been sociable is not given to everyone. Some people experience difficulties to, establish contacts with other people: in medical terms, those disorders are described as pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) or social phobias. Those are who suffer more often than others from stressful situations and depression.

There are many behavioral therapies to help socialize more and to open up to others easily. Bach Flowers can nevertheless constitute a supplement to help reduce panic that occurs face new persons, learn to manage stress episodes and improve social contacts.

Bach flowers for better focus:

Many people are prone to problems concentrating at work or school. The mobile phones and social media have amplified the well known phenomenon in people with Hyperactivity Disorder Attention Deficit (ADHD). This is one of the most common disorders of childhood and adolescence.

Drugs alone are insufficient to help with the problems of attention deficit. People who suffer this kind of disorder have a real need to be help by someone to manage it.The treatment based the Bach flower helps in the cognitive behavioral therapy and they are assumed to increase the level of concentration.

Bach flowers for better sleep:

A good night’s sleep can legitimately be regarded as a fundamental basis for a healthy life. However, people suffering from insomnia are more and more numerous: 13% of Canadians and nearly 20% of French people say they regularly are those victims of the insomnia. Among the physical and environmental factors that have an important influence on sleep are include the brightness and the ambient sounds. Psychological factors such as stress or worries also can play an important role. They would account for 50% of all the cases of insomnia evaluated in a sleep laboratory.